The Drama Diagnostic System

The Drama Diagnostic System from OnCourse International assesses individuals’ tendencies to fall into energy-draining drama in their interactions with others.

The Full 360 Drama Diagnostic allows self-assessments by an individual and assessments of the individual by others (co-workers, managers, subordinates, partners, family members, or any third party). Single individuals or groups of any size may use the Full 360 version.

The Free Individual Drama Diagnostic lets you evaluate yourself so you can learn where you tend to fall into drama.

All versions produce a comprehensive report which you may view either on screen or as a downloaded PDF file. Read More

Key Features of the Drama Diagnostic

  • Self-assessment
  • Assessment by others
  • On-screen report
  • Downloaded PDF Report
  • Tips for managing specific forms of drama
  • Third party categories
  • Narrative comments by third parties
  • Multiple self-assessment environments (at work, at home, others)
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Sample Groups Using the Drama Diagnostic

  • Leadership Team
  • Project Team
  • Service Team
  • Married Couple
  • Any Family Group
  • Professional Practice
  • Board of Directors
  • Any Small Group
  • Any Forum Group
  • Any Work Group