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Drama Diagnostic Features | How Licensing Works

Drama Diagnostic Licensing:

A group is created when the Group Administrator purchases one or more user licenses. At the time of purchase these licenses go into a user license inventory for the group. An available license may be assigned to a user in the group at any time. The Group Administrator may purchase additional user licenses for the group at any time.

User licenses may be purchased one-at-a-time or in volume with increasing discounts based on the number of licenses purchased at one time. A license is valid for one year from the date of purchase and may be renewed for additional one-year periods.

When a licenses is assigned to a user, the license inventory is reduced by one. The Group Administrator may delete a user before the user has taken the self-assessment, and return the license to the inventory of available licenses. Once a user has taken the assessment, the user may still be deleted, but the license is not returned to the inventory.